This is a seminar on designing research and on writing effective research proposals. The exam and the proposal each count 50% of your grade. The problem statement is due in Week 3. The full literature search is due by week 6. A draft of your proposal is due by week 8 and the next-to-final draft is due in week 12. The final draft is due on the last day of class.

There is one exam. It will be distributed in week 4 and is due by class of week 11.

Much of what we learn in this seminar is the result of discussions about the research plans of the participants. This makes support for each other's work crucial to everyone's success. Support means coming prepared to provide helpful critiques and suggestions.

Send me all exams and proposal drafts by e-mail.

Text: Bernard, H. Russell 2006. Research Methods in Anthropology, 4th ed. Walnut Creek, CA: Altamira Press

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Week 1 - Anthropology in the social sciences

Week 2 - The language and logic of social research

Week 3 - The design of social research. Experimental thinking. Testing hypotheses

Problem statement due

Week 4 - The logic of representative sampling. The central limit theorem. Time allocation.

Final exam distributed

Week 5 - Nonprobability sampling.

Week 6 - Composite measures: scales and indexes

Literature search due

Week 7 February 21, no class

Weeks 8-9 Analyzing quantitative data

Week 10 Spring break

Weeks 11-12 - Analyzing qualitative data

Weeks 13-16 - Presentations

Final exam due, week 11

Proposal due, week 12line





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