IBM Announcement Letter 294-201, dated April 5, 1994, announced "IBM REXX Development System for CICS/ESA" and "REXX Runtime Facility for CICS/ESA" V1R1.

IBM Announcement Letter 294-436 dated July 12, 1994, announced planned availability date of July 29,1994, for REXX for CICS/ESA (aka REXX/CICS).

If the REXX/CICS full screen text editor is not required or desired, the runtime facility may be utilized without the development system.

Program Product documentation is "REXX Development System for CICS/ESA and REXX Runtime Facility for CICS/ESA Guide and Reference", SH21-0482. The documentation is available in BookManager, LIST3820, and LIST3270 format on the product tape and in Library Reader format on the "Transaction Processing and Data Collection Kit" CD-ROM, SK2T-0730. Also, using the REXX/CICS help and panel facility, the complete product documentation may be installed within CICS.

Program product prefix is "CIC".

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