Mike Cowlishaw of IBM UK Laboratories designed REXX. He says "REXX is a procedural language that allows programs and algorithms to be written in a clear and structured way". Use a web browser to visit the REXX Language page via URL for news, information, background, and other REXX information sites.

REXX is 15 years old as of March 20, 1994.

Until an ANSI standard is completed, the language is defined in "The REXX Language: A Practical Approach to Programming" by M. F. Cowlishaw, Second Edition, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-780651-5, often referred to as "TRL".

REXX implementations are available for VM/CMS, MVS/TSO, OS/2, PC DOS, UNIX, Macintosh, others, and now CICS!

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