REXX for CICS - User Experience

Session Title:      "REXX for CICS User Experience"
Conference:         SHARE 84, Los Angeles, CA
Session No.:        2525
Speaker:            Steve Ware
Installation Code:  UF
                    Northeast Regional Data Center
                    University of Florida
Date:               Monday, February 27, 1995
Time:               3:00 p.m.
Location:           Biltmore, Galeria Level, Tiffany

The use of the REXX language under CICS offers the opportunity to enhance the growing popularity of both REXX and CICS by providing a powerful structured language for rapid application prototyping and development in the CICS transaction processing environment. In this session, one of the early users of REXX under CICS will relate his experiences with emphasis on implementation, application development, security and performance.

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