Application Development

REXX transid supplied to execute "REXXTRY" (interpreter) exec.

EDIT transid/command supplied to edit files.

FLST transid/command supplied to list RFS files.

REXX exec data may reside in RFS, VSAM, DB2, TS, etc.

REXX execs may be invoked from the REXX transid with RECEIVEd data, from within the "REXXTRY" exec via the REXX transid with no RECEIVEd data, from transids that are defined in the PCT to XCTL to CICREXD or CICREXR, and from CICS applications that either START the REXX transid or XCTL to CICREXD or CICREXR with a SIB (System Information Block) as implemented in OV/MVS.

Note that execs specified via a transid in the PCT need a TWASIZE(32) and must be specified via the REXX/CICS authorized command DEFTRNID (normally specified in CICSTART exec). The exec code to be executed may reside in a PDS or RFS or both.

See Appendix for availability of sample execs.

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