Introduction to CICS

Session Title:  "Introduction to CICS"
Course:         COBOL for CIS Majors
Course No.:     COP 3121
Speaker:        Steve Ware, CICS Systems Coordinator
                Northeast Regional Data Center
                University of Florida
Dates:          December 2 & 4, 1996
Time:           11:45 a.m.
Location:       CSE E220

CICS, Customer Information Control System, is the premier OLTP (On-Line Transaction Processing) product family from IBM. CICS (pronounced "KIX" or "KICKS" by many, including the IBM CICS developers in Hursley, England) is sometimes referred to as a DB/DC (Data Base/Data Communication) system and recently celebrated its 27th birthday. In these sessions, a brief introduction to CICS will be provided as well as a discussion of the use of the COBOL programming language in CICS.

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