IFAS NMR Laboratory
Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences 
University of Florida

    Welcome to the IFAS NMR Laboratory. The laboratory is operated by the Department of Microbiology & Cell Science, under the auspices of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS). The laboratory is located on the University of Florida Campus in the Microbiolgy & Cell Science Building, Museum Road, PO. Box 110700, Gainesville, FL 32611. Our telephone number is (352) 392-7203. You can contact us via e-mail at the address marian@ufl.edu.

    The Laboratory is committed to high-quality teaching, research, and service, and is open to all. We can engage in collaborative projects, or we can provide quality analyses of your samples at competitive rates. Using our unique, Web-operated NMR instrumentation, our users can actually conduct their NMR experiments remotely using their Web browsers.

Tour of the Magnet Lab

Personnel and Associates

Recent Projects and Collaborations

Former Students (and their employment after they graduated from the lab)

Daniel Wang (Atmel)
Michael Fiyak (NVidia)
David Cafaro (AMD)
Chuntao Liao (Cisco)
Dominik Buszko (Motorola)
Philip Schentrup (Motorola)
Michael Bidzos (major telecommuncations company)
Anthony Spinuzza  (Lockheed Martin)

Advisory Board: Drs. Edward M. Hoffmann, J. Preston, and L. Rice.

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