Professor Guerry H. McClellan
Department of Geological Sciences
241 Williamson Hall
P.O. Box 112120
Gainesville, Florida 32611-2120
Telephone: (352) 392-2231
FAX: (352) 392-9294

Why do the students refer to me as the
"Boomerang Geologist?"

I was cast out of here in 1962 to go and seek my doctorate and my fortune. I found one at the University of Illinois, but not the other. I later did a post-doctorate with a French oil company (Elf Aquitaine), worked for the government, worked for a private company, and did a sabbatical at a French university. All this allowed me to travel to 50 countries on 6 continents to see some geology and meet a lot of interesting people. In 1988, I "boomeranged" back to the department and have had a great time since that opportunity came along.


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