Florida Dental Care Study

The Florida Dental Care Study (FDCS) was a highly successful longitudinal, observational cohort study of oral health and dental care.  A great deal was learned from this study.  We published 75 peer-reviewed scientific research articles in 30 different journal titles.  This study was funded by eight grants from the U.S. National Institutes of Health.  

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Publications list     

Tables of results to supplement certain publications
FDCS funding and awards
FDCS investigators and staff
Eligibility criteria for the FDCS
Original aims of the FDCS
Stages of data gathering in the FDCS
Questionnaires used in the FDCS
Dental examination data entry program used in the FDCS
How we were so successful with keeping participants in the study
Peer-reviewed abstracts list
Other links (journals where FDCS articles have been published, NIDCR, NCHS, Census Bureau, etc.)

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