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        These resourses are arranged by the type of sports, and you may find out more about a specific sport at News and Media,Sports in General,  or try the search engine at More.... Remember to bookmark this page before you explore further within a link, or you may find the URL you have typed in the GOTO section ( Netscape browser).

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News and Media

    ABC Sports    Current photos, news, score boards, broacast schedules, also available in  Audio ABC Sports Radio
    CBS SportsLine   provides index search for current news, scores, schedules,
    CNN Sports Illustrated  On-line sports news with various categories for readers to search, also provide a site for Kids.
    ESPNcomplete coverage of  sports news and events, also providing search engine for target news.
    Los Angels Times  has lengthy articles in sports and easy- to- retrieve tables and site index search. Need more similar stories? Try the archive search at the bottom of page.
    MSNBC Sports    provided viewers's interaction is valued at this site to paticipate in ranking the article, join discussion, and fill in the cencor
    USA Today Sports  on-line newspaper.
    More News  a site with more links for news and media.

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  • Sports in General

  •            The NaviGator   The official web site for gator athletes and sports events.

  •     FreeZone Sports for Kids  A good starting site for learning a sport provides rule books, tips for sports, trivia test of your knowledge.  You will learn the superstition in baseball, and remember to go to sports from the past to get more sports.
        Sports & Recreation Channel Home for Kids   A fun site contains  tutorials to  teach you how to play golf, buying hiking boots, find good books, and etc.
        The Locker Room for Kids  This site is designed for kids with simplified texts to learn 12 major popular sports including  rules, history, equipment, fun facts, glossary terms, and skills & drills.
        Sports! Science      From the scientific views to learn baseball, hockey, cycling, as well as updated articles, viewing exhibition of various sports facts, also with links to major sports for articles and books, on-line sources, activities & lesson plans, biography, and physical science.
        Youth Sports Network       A site with headline news, a spotlight sport, stars and stories, online games, playing and  coaching tips, health and fitness facts, directories of camps and organizations.
        WWW Women's Sports Page     One of the largest collections of links to sites on women in sports.

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    Olympic Games

        2000 Olympic Games  The official site for 2000 summer Olympic games in Sydney Australia.
        Athletes in Gold   Highly recommend! This site bring you to discover ancient Olympic history and Greece.
        Nagano, Japan 1998 Olympic Page This is a wonderful site, available in English and offering an excellent opportunity to children in Kids Plaza for children to enjoy and write for the Olympics. Very nice animated opening graphic.
        More about Olympics  Galaxy search sorted by history, organization, articles, and etc.

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    Little League Baseball      Useful information on Little League including access to the Little League Museum.
    Major League Baseball(MLB)    This is the official site of Major League Baseball and has an enormous amount of information, including both National and American Leagues as well as statistics, photos, and league leaders.
    Major League Baseball for Kids       This site is designed for kids with more pictures and visual design good for beginner.
    Big leaguers      A unique baseball players network where you can find personal site for every player in MLB.  Visit the Instructional League, you
            can look up the baseball dictionary.
    Black Baseball's Negro League     Learn about the origins of the Negro Baseball League: what they were, why they were founded, and why they no longer exist.
    National Baseball Hall of Fame   An outstanding site that provides a valuable history of the game of baseball.
    Science of Baseball @Exploratorium   This site consists of descriptive articles teaching the facts about baseball in the views of science, time machine to search for legendary players, activities to link you to fantasy baseball site, and cool links to lead you to explore the history and other categories related to baseball.
    History of the World Series This is the site for you to look up thhe history of World Series from 1903 up to date, provided by  the                  Sportline  news.
    More about Baseball  Galaxy search sorted by history, organization, articles, and etc.

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    Hooptown, USA   current coverage stories, history of NBA, photos and hall of fame.
    Michael Jordan   - official site from SportsLine, provided complete records of Michael Jordan's career, also including photos, feature stories, games, and e-mail replied by Michael Jordan.
    National Basketball Association(NBA)     The official site for all the National Basketball Association (NBA) teams containing information on games and players.
    WNBA    This is an official site for women's professional basketball.
    More about Basketball  Galaxy search sorted by history, organization, articles, and etc.

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    Gator Football   Proudly present the official siteof !996 National Championship Gator Football (University of Florida).
    National Football League(NFL)   Official site of the NFL, that provides the latest news and statistics.
    More about Football  Galaxy search sorted by history, organization, articles, and etc.

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    The 19th Hole   Learn about the tips for playing golf and how to buy equipment in this golf news site.
    GolfData On-line Home Page Learn  about the current event at your town by the search engine.
    More about Golf  Galaxy search sorted by history, organization, articles, and etc. Back to Top


    International Tennis Federation      "It will also become a comprehensive library of current information including player biographies, results, rankings, Davis Cup, Fed Cup and other team competition results." Excellent section of rules of tennis. Easy navigating.
    Tennis Worldwide    Commercial site that provides sound tennis information including information on Junior Tennis.
    More about Tennis  Galaxy search sorted by history, organization, articles, and etc.

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    Major League Soccer This is the official site of Major League Soccer that includes statistics and information about teams. An excellent section of information for coaches that raises issues of behavior and skills development.
    US Soccer Web Pages    Soccer fans gathered information from various sources in order to provide some general information to fellow soccer fans across the United States regarding information that the soccer fan may find useful.
    More about Soccer  Galaxy search sorted by history, organization, articles, and etc.

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    Miscellaneous Sports

         Do it Sports Links to Running, Cycling, Track & Field, and MTB.
        USATF SITE    This is a rich site of the United States Track & Field Organization. Filled with information and statistics. Includes sections on juniors and the Olympics.
         Judo Information Site     You've entered the lobby of the world's biggest virtual Judo club, with the most complete information about the sport and art of Judo on the Internet.
         National Hockey League (NHL)   Official site of the National Hockey League with statistics, information on players and games.
         Racewalk.com    "Racewalk.com provides all the information you need to start and improve your walking program and increase your awareness of other events in the walking community."
         USA Gymnastics Online    This site lists every top level directory on USA Gymnastics Online, plus selected documents within each area.
         United States Fencing Association.    Enormous amount of information on a sport that is not as well-known as some of the highly popular professional sports. Easily navigated.
          WebSwim    Brisk information on a range of swimming sports, including diving, synchronized swimming, lifeguard training, and water polo. Includes links to outstanding swimmers' biographies pages.

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         Sports Celebrity Network   favorite players' news for all kinds of sports.
         Bigleaguers       Welcome to Bigleaguers.com, the only place on the Internet where you can find personal web sites for every player in the Major League Baseball Players Association. The players update their own sites: between games, on the road, or whenever. You'll hear it straight from them, in their own words. The players voted to get their own sites, and here they are.
         Women Athlete Profiles    Short profiles are of women or teams who had interesting stories behind their quest for a medal.
         Michael Jordan   - official site from SportsLine, provided complete records of Michael Jordan's career, also including photos, feature stories, games, and e-mail replied by Michael Jordan.

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    More Resources from search engines

        Galaxy search for Sports

        Sports Search

       Yahoo search for Sports  is the search engine for the category of sports, you may explore more interesting sites by yourself..

       Yahooligans-Sports   is a resourceful sports site for links, especially for kids, presenting  with a neat table of  major sports in term of  official site, team, player, pictures, and news.

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