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    Welcome to Shu-huei's ESL Sports Center. This site is designed to provide on-line sports related resources  for ESL/EFL writing and reading, as part of the term project " American Culture through Media " in TESL II , taught by Dr. Roger M.Thompson.  This project is proposed to ELI at University of Florida.  Sport is one of  important parts of American culture and life.  From Super Bowl, the highest rated of audience in U.S., to the world known former NBA star Michael Jordan,  students can develop their knowledge more about their favorite players and interests in watching or playing the sports, as well as their reading and writing skills.

Students: Always remember to warm up yourself before doing any sport, so please start with Warm-up .

Teachers: To be a successful coach, there are some tips you need to know, please look up Coach Handbook.

  Coach Handbook
  Exercise Room
  American Culture through Media


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