Tips for Teachers
This page was designed with advanced level students in mind. In particular, students who already have strong backgrounds in English but lack experience and knowledge of the various aspects of face-to-face interaction.  It is most suitable as a supplement to Conversation Strategies or high level Oral Skills courses.  Your role as the teacher will be to guide their investigations, offer your  knowledge and insight as a resource, and provide follow-up support for students' efforts at reformulating their own behaviors.  The following objectives and suggestions are intended to help clarify the ideas that went into designing this resource as well as help you deal with possible complications as they arise.



The materials on this web page provide a template for the study of speech behaviors.  It also includes internet resources and a final project.  I suggest you start with Exploring Beliefs and then Methods of Investigating.  From there, pick and choose the different speech behaviors as you wish and add your own as is appropriate to your course.  Below are some suggestions to make your efforts more effective.


Needless to say, the better you understand the issues covered in your class, the better you will be able to relate and clarify this information to your students.  Research has a lot to teach us.  I suggest you start by taking a look at the Links and Resources I have compiled and adding to them through your own investigation.
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