Links and Resources
Below is a list of sites and books that I have collected and recommend for use with this resource.

On the Web

Cross-Cultural Communication:  A reading resource including articles on "Discovering the
    Characteristics of Other Cultures" and "Using Cross-Cultural Communication to Improve Relationships".

Cross-Cultural Communication Style:  A reading resource including topics such as "Friendship American Style"
    and "Non-Verbal Communication".

Culture Learning Simulations and Exercises:  A resource for teachers with activities for learning about the
    of culture on communication.

Clubs and Student Organizations at UF:  A list including descriptions and contact persons of clubs that ESL
    students can join as an opportunity to observe student culture first hand.

Working with Cross Cultural Communication Challenges:  An article on patterns of cultural differences and
    suggestions for how to interact more effectively with people from different cultures.

Web of Culture:  Anything anyone could ever possibly want to know about culture and then some.  Take a look through
    their vast resources, who knows what you can find.

The Edge:  The E-Journal of intercultural communication.  The March issue has an article on teaching intercultural
    communication skills.

The Intercultural Communication Homepage:  A site from the University of Hawaii. Also very comprehensive.   It includes it's own online resources, a masters' thesis, and it's own webguide.

Exploring Non-Verbal Communication:  This article suggests different aspects of non-verbal communication to
    consider, examples, and suggestions for improving your own skills.

Are you a good socializer?:  This test on the Internet TESL Journal by Gerard Counihan poses some important questions for anyone who wants to improve their conversation skills to consider.

Books and Articles

Fantini, A (Ed.) (1997)  New Ways in Teaching Culture.  TESOL Publications:  Alexandria, VA.
    A whole book devoted to activities to help students learn about culture and cross-cultural communication.

Lustig, M. and Loester, J. (1999)  Intercultural Competence.  Longman:  New York.
    This book is actually a textbook for a college level course.  There's plenty of information there if you have the time to read
Riggenbach, H. (1999)  Discourse Analysis in the Language Classroom.  University of Michigan Press:  Ann Arbor.
    An excellent book that gives a background on qualitative research methods and investigative activities like the ones on this
Wolfson, N.  (1989)  Perspectives: Sociolinguistics and TESOL.  Heinle and Heinle:  Boston.
    A very informative book for teachers with background on sociolinguistics, explanation of research methods, and examples
    of research on various speech acts.

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