Exploring Attitudes
When learning anything new, a good place to start is to think to yourself, "What do I already know?"  What you already know about interacting in English,  your attitudes toward interacting with native speakers, feelings toward socializing, and your approach to learning will affect how and what you learn.  Let's begin to examine this by sharing your thoughts on the following questions.   You can answer them all or answer only the ones you feel you have a strong opinion on. Send me your thoughts and impressions by email.
Consider your answers to these questions and send them to me

A few things to think about...
Your ability to participate in conversation has important consequences in your social relationships and even other goals that are part of your life.  Through conversation you get to know people, build relationships, and form and express opinions.  It is important to realize that at the same time, the people you talk to are interpreting and judging your behavior.  Read the thoughts below on cross-cultural communication and think, "What does this mean to me..?"

1.  Language is a social behavior.

2. Differences can lead to misunderstanding. 3.  These processes are unconscious.

Additional Reading

Find out more about the causes and solutions of problems in cross-cultural communication in the
Six Fundamental Patterns of cross-cultural Communication.  After you've read it, and if you think you're pretty smart, why don't you take a short quiz on the contents of the article?

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