Captain Lombard's House        #24
(c. 1767, moved from Enfield, Mass. in 1938)

152 Triangle Street

The Gass family, builders from the 1930 depression years, moved houses and old building material from houses being demolished in the four towns that are now under the Quabbin Reservoir. Youngest brother Robert Gass brought this pre-Revolutionary home here in pieces and rebuilt it, living in it from 1938 to 1993. There are many houses in Amherst and the Valley built during that time that have mantels, doors, windows, corner cupboards, beams, granite steps and other elements saved from Quabbin houses. This is one of the very few that were saved and reconstructed in its original state.

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Lombard House in Enfield
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 In Amherst, Spring 1940 
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 In Amherst, Current  
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The house is now Stop 24 on the Chamber of Commerce's Walking Tour of "About Amherst," walking tour.  You can leave this link and join tour if you click here.