The Yelavich Road - A CICS Newsletter

The newsletter is distributed via the internet to subscribers, free of charge.
Copies of the letter, whether all or part, are permitted with the stipulation
that the source of this information be stated (i.e. this newsletter).
The newsletter is distributed on a random frequency.

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"Newsletter Philosophy" Newsletters are published "of the moment". There is no intention of providing a data base for long term storage or archive retrieval. If recipients want to maintain their own collection of one or more newsletters, that is of their choice.
Newsletter content will focus on "news". That is, some current interest, which could be the announcement of a product or event. Newsletter items will be a brief abstract on some topic, usually with references provided should the recipient want more information. Occasionally, "pop quizzes" will be sent out as a self examination for the recipient, to test awareness of current topics.
All newsletters will be distributed on an "as is" basis, with no assurances as to the accuracy of the subject presented.

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