The government of Suriname has been sold logging and mining rights to the interior of the country without the consent of the people who have occupied these lands for centuries.

This crisis is discussed in the World Resource Institute's Backs to the Wall in Suriname. WRI maintains a news site on logging and development in the forests of South America. In 1996, WRI recently published Profit Without Plunder which advocates the sustainable forestry in Suriname's westward neighbour Guyana, which has recently sold large logging concessions to Asian logging companies, including Berjaya, Kwitaro, Barama and Unamco.

The GAIA Forest Conservation Archives collection of the Guyana & Suriname Rainforest Conservation Documents include recent acticles on forest issues in the region. Including a recent article on the 3rd Gran Krutu, a meeting on Native American and Maroon leaders to organize against threats to their land.

A good book on the political ecology of Suriname is Marcus Colchester's recent book Forest Politics in Suriname.

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