Hello! My name is Mark Hostetler and I am an ecologist at the University of Florida. My interests range from landscape level issues of how certain birds survive in urban landscapes to issues about how we "scientists" can effectively communicate to the public about the world around them. People are naturally interested in animals/plants and the environment, but the dilemma for scientists is how do "we" get people involved without being humdrum and boring? Along these lines, I recently have printed a somewhat humorous book THAT GUNK ON YOUR CAR that contains information on how you can identify insect splats left on one's car. This book has 24 full color illustrations of both insects and their splats (plus 80 pages of text), natural histories about these insects, "fun things to do", and much more. The book is a fun guide to North American Insects (with some actual scientific information); it is meant to be placed in your glove compartment so that you can use it when an unfortunate insect "encounters" your windshield. Check it out! Copyright Last modified: June 19 1996