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Garry and El Chileno Gato Welcoming totem I'm a graduate student working on my PhD in Ecology here in the Arthur R. Marshall Lab, in the Department of Zoology at the University of Florida. My dissertation research is the study of the interactions between Fire, Insect Outbreaks and Climate Change in Boreal Forest. My current research is broadly theoretical applied ecology.

Currently, I am a co-editor of the Young Scholars Dialogue in Conservation Ecology.

I am currently, along with Kevin Baldwin, an organizer of the zoology student run, Ecolunch seminar series. In the spring of 1996 I was the Teaching Assistant for a course on adaptive environmental management and assessment, that was taught by Lance Gunderson.

I completed my Master's degree at UF in December 1993 in Environmental Engineering Sciences. My thesis focused upon interactions between vegetative processes and fire in the boreal forest. Before that I received a BASc in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1991.

I am originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, a place very different from Gainesville, Florida. For those who know Vancouver, I lived in Lions Bay. My father is from Dale of Walls in the Shetland Islands, and during my childhood I was often there during the summer. During my undergraduate degree I lived in Ontario in Toronto, Ottawa, and Waterloo, and I was an engineering exchange student in Japan. There I attended Tottori Daigaku, and worked in Osaka.

On the web I use research sites and some other web site pages. The USA is not the most outwardly looking country, Canadian news on the internet allows me to stay informed about what's happening in Canada. Once in a while, to get all Canadian, I stomp along with Stompin' Tom, and his righteous revolution rock as he chants down Babylon, in fine a Canadian style of course.

Many useful resources for teaching evolution and environmental education can be found at the Talk.Origins Archive, and in the The Environmental Education Network.

I can be reached at:
   Department of Zoology                                  
   111 Bartram Hall             	Office:	(352) 392-6913
   P. O. Box 118525             	FAX:	(352) 392-3704
   Gainesville, FL 32611-8525		Email:

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