The Arthur R. Marshall Jr. Ecological Sciences Laboratory

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 The Arthur R. Marshall Jr. Ecological Sciences Laboratory is located in the Department of Zoology at the University of Florida. It was founded to commemorate Florida ecologist and activist Art Marshall, who fought to restore the ecology of the Everglades.



The laboratory is involved in large scale ecology, particularly disturbance ecology. We focus on ecological processes and their interactions. We view ecology as an attempt to understand complex evolving adaptive systems. Currently, humans are the main large-scale ecological structuring process, so our work necessarily also focuses upon the links between humanity and nature.



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Subjects include Ecological Economics, Sustainable Development, Complexity, Ecology, U.S. and Government Data Sources. Links are to academic and NGO sites.


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Other places.
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The Research Group

Currently the laboratory consists of: Also affiliated with the laboratory are: Craig Allen, Rusty Pritchard, and Jose Fragoso.
We work with UF's program in Tropical Conservation and Development (TCD).

During the spring 1996 semester Dr. Lance Gunderson and Dr. Holling taught Concepts of Adaptive Management.

Zoology students organize the Ecolunch speaker series.

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