ZOO 6927 Section 4056

Spring 1996, 3 credits

Dr. Lance Gunderson and Dr. C. S. Holling

Wednesday 7:20 - 10:00

This course will introduce concepts of adaptive environmental management and review experiences of using this inter-disciplinary approach for dealing with a wide range of resource issues. Adaptive management is based upon the premises that managed ecosystems are complex and inherently unpredictable. The adaptive approach embraces the uncertainties of system responses and attempts to structure management actions as "weak" experiments from which learning is a critical product.

The course will be divided into three parts. The first section will explore existing theories, concepts and methods of adaptive management. The middle section will review case histories of systems where adaptive management approaches have been applied. The final section of the course will allow students to assess a resource issue and develop adaptive strategies as part of a small-group project.

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